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XENON Gas Purity 99,999%  
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Molecular weight:
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UN Number
131.293 g/mol
Rare gas
UN 2036

The element xenon is used in lamps that produce intense, extremely short flashes of light, such as stroboscopes and lights for high-speed photography. When a charge of electricity is passed through the gas at low pressure, it emits a flash of bluish-white light; at higher pressures white light resembling daylight is emitted. Xenon flash lamps are used to activate ruby lasers.

Typical Level of Impurities

Hydrogen H2 ppm 1,0
Nitrogen N2 ppm 2,0
Oxygen O2 ppm 0,5
Argon Ar ppm 1,0
Krypton Kr ppm 2,0
Carbon oxide CO ppm 0,5
Carbon dioxide CO2 ppm 0,5
Moisture H20 ppm 1,0
Hydrocarbons CnHm ppm 0,1
Sulfur hexafluoride SF6 ppm 0,5
Halocarbon 14 CF4 ppm 0,5
Halocarbon 116 C2F6 ppm 0,5

Physical constants

Chemical Formula Xe
Molecular weight 131,300
Denseness of gas at + 20°C 5,49 Kg/m3
Denseness of gas at + 0°C 5,896 kg/m3
Temperature of boiling -65°C (208,15°K)
Denseness of a liquid 3057 kg/m3
Temperature -16,6°C (289,75°K)
Pressure 5,82MPa technical atmosphere
Denseness 1100 Kg/m3

Information about cylinders

Type of cylinder Bulk, ltr. Type of a valves Net weight, kg Amount of a Xenon, ltr.
B2 2 DIN 477/6 1,1 200
B5 5 DIN 477/6 5,49 1.000
B10 10 DIN 477/6 10,98 2.000
B50 50 DIN 477/6 54,90 10.000

Transport data
Chemical Symbol Xe
CAS Registry ID 7440-63-3
DOT Classification Non-inflammable gas
DOT Label Non-inflammable gas
Hazard class 2.2
UN Number (oblate gas) UN 2036
Main Dangers High High Pressure and asthma
Toxility (TLV) Non-toxic gas (asthma)
Range of Flammability (in an air) Non-inflammable gas
Odor Without an odor
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